Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh the memories

I spent most of the day today wading through my Mum's "stuff", it was depressing, funny, heart breaking, and exciting. It was great to reminisce, and to see things from Mum's point of view. Mum kept EVERYTHING! "It's a girl" cards, from ALL of our births, birthday cards, notes, post cards, shopping lists. Anything, and everything. We also had to sort through mum's clothes we kept some, and decided to donate the rest to a battered women's shelter.

Later on we went for dinner at the local Mexican restaurant, I was surprised to find out that my sisters had planned a surprise post wedding bridal shower! It was great to see everyone.

Tomorrow we are off to DC, to see John Edward, I am a little nervous about that..

I am running on E after several days of no sleep, its time for bed...Night everyone..

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  1. i love you baby! have a safe trip home to me!