Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today I been thinking about my Mum, she was such an amazing person. She was a good wife, a great friend, sister, daughter, and a wonderful Mother.

When I lived in the same state as my Mum, I seen her almost everyday. Once I moved, I didnt see her as often, but we still spoke on the phone at least once a day. I would call her on her cell phone, and chat with her while she was getting her chemo.

We would talk about the weather, the kids, her nasty chemo. She would tell me about her latest fashion bug purchase. I would ask advice on silly things "how long do I cook a whole chicken." An hour later I would call her back "do you think my chicken is cooked now?"


I am sure I sometimes drove her crazy with all the phone calls, but she was always there on the other end of the line like the good Mother she was IS.

I think about all the things she is missing out on, and it makes me sad. She loved life, she loved her children, and she really loved her grandchildren. It breaks my heart to hear my three year old nephew says "I wanna go see grandma", it hurts to hear my sister say "we can't go see grandma remember?" and to hear his little voice answer back "Grandma's in Heaven."

I miss my Mum..

Then I think about those who have a Mother that is high on drugs, or two wrapped up in her own life to care about her children. I see families who don't speak on the phone once a month, let alone once a day. It is then I am even more thankful for the times I had with my Mother.

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  1. Karen,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am sorry for the loss of your precious Mother too! I am sure you will agree that losing your Mother changes you forever....

    I had to laugh at your post, even though my Mom lived closer, I would talk to her 10 times day and yes, often about cooking, how long does this take and when will it be done....was a big part of our talks.
    I told my dad not too long ago, that I should have wrote those things down, because now I can't remember what she said. I was just used to dialing her number. It was much easier that way. Plus, she knew "everything", so I thought.... :)
    I will say a prayer for you too.
    Stop by my blog, anytime!