Saturday, January 3, 2009

Busy busy busy..


Yesterday my friend Julie and I cared for TWELVE children under the age of SEVEN from 8:30am until 6:30pm. There ages where: 14 mo, 15mo, 2 1/2 yrs, 3,3,3,4,5,5,7,7. My hat is off to those of you who have large families I am not sure I could do that all day everyday.

Wayne is busy outside scraping, and painting our house. He's a protectionist when it comes to home repair so he will be out there for weeks! 

I am taking a break from organizing every closet/drawer in the house.  I think my Mum  "the clean queen" has taken over my body as my mind is set in clean/organize mode.

My next chore is to clean attic..Its a disaster zone up there.

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