Sunday, January 18, 2009

A little update..


We spent the weekend shopping, there are some killer sales going on.  Target had a ton of stuff for 75% off, there was an additional 30% off  some of the items.  I got shoes for $4.39! A four pack of socks for $1.98, two belts for Wayne $2.49, and a ton of clothes for less than $5.00 each

My birthday closet is full of toys for all the wee ones in our life.  Nothing like getting toys for 75% off!

J C Penny had a great sale going on as well, an additional 40% off their clearance. I heard old navy had a good sale going on as well, but ours was pretty bare. 

Weight Watchers is going well!!! We have both lost a few more pounds, will update tomorrow when we weigh in.

Willie B has a staph infection,  please PRAY it is not MRSA.  I am taking him back to the Dr, because it looks a little more irritated.

Still no placement, I am starting to think we will never get one.  We also got a six month old little boy, but they ended up placing him closer to home.  We got a call for two boys ages 4 and 8 yrs old, but we could not take them because they needed separate bedrooms .  Then there was the sweet baby I posted about the other day who is still in the NICU.

Every time the agency calls, I get excited on.  Thursday I jokingly told our worker not to call me again unless she had a placement for us!

That's all for now folks.. Hope everyone is doing well

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