Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Its has been three years since I saw you last. 

Three long years how can that be? 

It all happened so quickly.

In Oct 2006 she was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer.

In December 06  she had a mastectomy, and started chemo.

In May 07 she was finished with her treatment, and her cancer was in remission.

Cancer was a thing of the passed, my Mum had beat it.  It was "only stage one" Which has a 98% survival rate.

In September 07 she was in Scotland, having a grand time.  Half way into her trip she developed a nagging cough.

When she returned home she went to the doctor, who diagnosed her with pneumonia. 

For weeks the doctors pumped our mum full of antibiotics  trying to rid of her the pneumonia that we assume she had caught on the flight.

September turned into October, and the cough was still hanging around.  Mum was becoming tired,

One night in Oct, 2007 Mum couldn't breath, Jeff (my step dad), took her to the hospital.  She was treated for pneumonia, as well as a collapsed lung.

Test after test, we were told she had pneumonia, a collapsed lung, and a Pleural effusion.

  So much time was wasted, before we found out the real issue. 

The cancer had returned.  It had metastasized to our Mothers lungs causing her lungs to collapse, fluid to build up, and in the end, taking her life.

What went wrong?

How can something with a 98% cure rate, take someone's live in a matter of weeks.

Once it was rediscovered , she had no chance,no chance at all of beating the cancer.

Too much time had been wasted.

Why was she given the all clear in May?

and then again in August?


Why did they say it was pneumonia?

Why didnt they do more tests?

Why didnt they treat her sooner?

Why did she have to suffer?

Why did we have to watch her suffer?

Why did she have to die?

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