Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey what's going on?

After staying up late countless nights in a row I finally finished Lil' Man's life book.  However the case worker didnt show to pick it up.  GRRRRRR

Hubby is healing well after his surgery.  He was back to school three days later with all of his staples in tow!

Last night we had a "new foster parent orientation"  What a joke! We drove 45 minutes to another county to sign four papers and watch a 15 minute video!

Tonight is our monthly foster parent meeting.  We  don't need the training, but I still have to attend because I keep signing myself up to help out! This year I will be Christmas shopping for the 26 children currently in care. I'm also VP of the fundraising committee and the substitute treasure.

Oh and I make all the Easter baskets!


  1. WOW! You are one busy woman! Good for you! And you having to drive 45 minutes for that? Heh...a joke indeed.

  2. that is so awesome :) (except the part about drive 45 minutes for nothing)