Monday, September 6, 2010

What's going on?

  • Saturday was my birthday.  I'm one more year closer to thirty...OUCH! Hubby, and I spent the day being lazy.  I did not venture from my bed until 3pm!
  • A friend of mine (who is due a week before our little bean was due) posted the sex of her baby, followed by belly pics on facebook.  I had to delete her.  (I hate being jealous)
  • She re-added me... So then I "hid" her so that I cannot see her status updates. (I need medication lol)
  • Ive been in a lot of pain presumably from my endometriosis, or it could be scaring from the D&C.
  • I went to the Dr's on Friday because the longer I am not pregnant, the more endometriosis  is growing.  If we are not pregnant by Oct we will try un-medicated IUI.
  • I've been cleaning like a mad woman because it seems to be the only thing I can control in my life.
  • We started construction on our house (just updating and moving some walls around) So thankful I have a handy husband.
  • Hubby is in school five days a week.  He has to drive 90 miles round trip so I've been alone a lot lately.
  • In my spare time i've become addicted  to Super Mario Brothers.

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