Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm back

I flew out to Scotland on Thursday the 8th, and arrived on Friday.  My brother and sweet niece Erin where at the airport to greet me. I was starting to feel better thanks to some super duper antibiotics, and  shot of  some kind of anti-inflammatory. 

We went back to their house and hung out most of the day, before heading to my aunts house to discuss the funeral arrangements.

On Saturday my bro and SIL had a wedding to attend.  I told them I would watch their girls ages 4 and 2.  I took them on the train to the next town over. We did some shopping, and I picked up some junk food.  We ate junk, watched movies, and stayed up "late".  By 8pm we were all sound asleep!!

When I woke up I felt great!

Sunday we went shopping and then to my Aunts, for one of my cousins birthday parties.  Most of my Mum's side of the family was there.

Monday we went to visit my Great Uncle Jim, played in the garden, and ate nothing but junk.

Tuesday we went for a drive.  We ended up in a small town called Callander.  We had picnic, played at the park and check out some of the local attractions.

Wednesday was my Gran's funeral.  I sat and smiled almost the entire service.  Everything that was said brought back so many wonderful memories.  She was a great woman, who will be truly missed.

Wednesday evening I spent the night with my other Gran (Gran C) my cousins came over, we stayed up late chatting, and eating more junk! 

Thursday afternoon we spread my Grandmothers ashes along with my Dad's.(My Dad passed 8 yrs ago)  The sun was shinning bright (something that rarely happens in Scotland.) I envisioned my Dad, and Grandmother hanging out  together, happy to be reunited.

After we scatted the ashes we went back to my Gran's house and looked threw some of her stuff.  Yet again so many great memories came flooding back.

Before I knew it my time was up, and I was on a plane bound for Orlando. 21 1/2 hrs later, I landed on my door step!

I spent this passed Saturday recuperating before heading 6 hours north to pick up my niece Jannae.  Having Jannae here will be a nice distraction.

Since the miscarriage  i've discovered I don't like to be alone, because when i'm along my mind wanders and I start crying.

While away I got a mini update on Lil' Man I was told he is acting out, and misses us.  Both of which are to be expected.  I miss him and his antics greatly.


  1. I am glad you are safely home and feeling better. I am especially glad that you could find some happy times with your family.

  2. Sounds like too short a visit in Scotland. Lil Man sure did have his share of antics and joys. Glad you are healing and are back home.