Friday, May 28, 2010


I hate hate hate hate, that Lil' Man picks .  He currently has 19 infected spots, all from picking so damn much.  He mostly picks because of anxiety.  We've tired everything, but nothing helps.  If he has the urge to pick he's going to do it regardless.  Most of it is done at school/daycare.

When he picks and its bleeding he no longer gets a bandaid.  There aren't on for longer than five minutes anyway.  Sometimes he's picking just for the extra attention  At school he was sent to the nurse, and at daycare he was sent to the director. 

So at night we sneak into his room, and lather him up with antibiotic cream, and band-aids.  At least they stay on over night.

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  1. That is one of GB's issues. It helps when we let her use one of the tactile/fidget toys while she is supposed to be still and listening.