Friday, April 22, 2011


Shortly after my post yesterday I took baby A to the doctors.  They took him off zantac and soy formula.  We will now be using a formula that has rice starch in it.  They told me to try the new formula until monday. 

The vomiting got much worse 10pm last night he was becoming dehydrated.  So off to the ER we went.  The ER docs were puzzled and didn't have any suggestions that I haven't already tried.

He has been able to keep down several ounce since 4am.  Fingers crossed


  1. I have tried commenting like three times & it disappears. My foster baby benefitted from chiropractor adjustments - Gonstead Technique. My daughter also sees a chiropractor, same one, for cerebral palsy. I've also seen him for back and digestive issues & he helped me tremendously. My foster baby had colic, reflux, alcohol & drug withdrawals and nerve pain. He threw up constantly until he was adjusted, then he stopped mostly and plumped up like a little jelly belly.

  2. Have you tried the Dr. Brown's bottles? My babies barely even spit up after using those. By the way, I posted a link to your Christmas gift from MIL on our Facebook.