Thursday, April 21, 2011


Im having feeding/ vomiting issues with baby A who is 3 1/2 months old.  He has been a spitter since birth and was placed on soy formula at 4 weeks old.  In the two months that we have had him he has had several vomiting episodes lasting 2-3 days.  When I say vomiting I mean he pukes the whole bottle. 

About two weeks ago the pediatrician (who sucks) put him on zantact twice a day.  It made no difference.  Its been about three weeks since his last puke session.

Tuesday night he vomited his 3am feeding about 30 minutes after he took it.  He was fine during the day Wednesday.  Last night he vomited both the 3am and 6am bottles. Both times it was within 30 minutes of drinking.

He burps well, we feed him upright and have lowered the amount he gets at each feeding. There is no consistency to the vomiting.  Sometimes he's fussy other times he vomits and smiles.  Any suggestions?


  1. What nipple are you using. Maybe a low flow nipple might help. It should if the times he vomits are after eating too fast. It has worked for some of the kids I have cared for. Also keeping him upright for a while after feeding.

    How are you?

  2. No new ideas but for you but I wanted to say hi and remind you taht you are amazing!

  3. Braeden had a lot of reflux issues when he was an infant, still does I think. Some suggested adding some baby cereal to thicken it a bit, you could try that? He was on a special formula but I don't remember what it was offhand. :( Good luck!

  4. Nutramagin is worth a try (expensive tho), but it sounds like maybe a visit to the GI doctor (a good one :) ) would be a good idea too!

  5. I had this problem with my 15 month old for the first 6 months. He had reflux and puked a ton, sometimes a whole bottle. Sometimes it would come out his nose at the same time, scary as heck! We kept him upright for at least 30 minutes after feedings, and inclined his crib (books under the mattress will work if the frame doesn't have an adjustment for it). What made a huge difference was switching from similac sensitive to Good Start...and even more, changing from dr. Brown bottles to playtex drop-ins. I couldn't believe the difference those two changes made! He stopped being gassy, and stopped waking up at night, yay! This was around 6 months...which is also when they are said to outgrow the problem (when they start sitting and the muscle that holds things down tightens.) I don't know if that is what happened, or it was the change, but it happened within days of the change, so I think it really helped! He finally became regular on good start which was something we were struggling with.

  6. My baby had reflux problems also and I agree with the last comment. We switched him to carnation good start or I think it's nestle nowand I couldn't believe the difference it made. Good luck 